I retired in July 2012 and want to spend more time with my family and pursue dreams and goals that have been percolating for years. Now that I am only responsible for “the man in my shoes” I can set my own priorities and choose how I spend my time – with my wife’s approval, of course. She’s incredibly supportive and will be with me as I move into this new phase of my life…some may call this my second childhood and that’s okay with me.

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  1. Enjoying your posts good luck with the rest of your planning, and pehaps we will meet on trail

  2. RC4F says:

    I’m enjoying following your blog. I’ll be in a simular situation and age when I do my hike. Many of the young, single, twenty somethings on trail have great blogs full useful info, but I’m especially enjoying your perspective of the trip. I’m planning on hiking the AT after I retire from the Military (one more deployment I tell my wife). Keep up the great work and updates. Happy trails!

  3. great to log in and add my 2 cnts. just came across your blog and think this is the true heart of hiking the AT, or any other discustingly challanging ordealology. that is my getting to listen and chime in in this cloud of witnesses. Wings on your wheels, grand dad. I will walk at least some of it in 2014 if the Mayan Calender is a bit askew, eh what? thanks for showing the way, pocomoonshine tree house man.

  4. Hello Walker, How far down the trail did you get from Lost Mountain before you realized that you kept your contact information and I kept mine? What an absolutely absurd occurrence! Thanks for the fellowship. I look forward to following your continuing journey. Sorry it appears your stay in the Virginia Highlands was likely marred by storms. Happy Trails and best fortune.
    Mike ‘Diesel’
    Oak Ridge, TN

  5. Autumn A. says:

    I love getting to read blogs like yours as I spend the next couple of years (3 gruelingly long years) anxiously awaiting and preparing to do an AT thru-hike. I love hearing about thru-hikers’ problems they face (although I’m sorry they have to face them) because I know that if they can make it through then I will be able to also. Similarly, quirky experiences on the trail with other hikers (and a multitude of wonderful trail names) are my favorite to hear about. Congratulations on your progress and good luck as you continue on with your hike. I’ll be following your blog and cheering for you the entire way!

  6. Jason Packard says:

    Hi Walker just wanted to say I’m really enjoying reading you’re blog. I’m new to the idea of hiking the AT and find reading you’re blog as very informative. I do have some questions for you if you could email me I’d really like to talk to you. Thanks stay safe.

  7. Joshua Toms says:

    Hey Man, Shenandoah Mountain Search And Rescue Group (SMRG) wishes you safe travels and Gods Speed. We enjoyed hanging with you at Ashby Gap yesterday. Drop us a note if you need anything. joshuatoms@verizon.net (aka Toothpaste)

  8. Julika says:

    Hi Tim!
    I don’t know if you remember me. We walked the Camino in 2012 together for a bit. I’m the one with the curly blond hair 🙂 I just tried to find out your email address for about an hour, but couldn’t find anything, so I’m just going to leave you a comment here and hope that you will be reading it.
    I hope you are doing fine! I loved reading about your experience on the Appalachian Trail! I remember us talking about immigration to the US in Spain and you telling me that you worked in that kind of field and I was wondering if you can give me some advice about that.

  9. Hello Tim,

    I am an author living in Maine, and I found your blog while researching a book about Gerry Largay, the Maine Warden Service, and the Maine section of the AT.

    I enjoyed your blog site- all the entries are very well written.
    I am finishing up the book I speak of, and although many friends, hikers, and life-long companions have reached out to me with a great deal of input about Gerry, I would still love to have any of your thoughts, ideas, memories, or quotes that you might have. Had I had found you earlier, I would have reached out- but it’s not too late, I think.
    Reading your blogs, I believe your input would be most valuable; this book is a celebration of Gerry’s will to pursue her dreams and goals, and to put some negative reports to bed. I endeavor to write her story with grace.

    If you would like to contribute (I hope you do), my personal email is piscatore6@gmail.com

    Aside from all this, you just seem like a very cool guy (I’m jealous of your Camino trip).


    Dee Dauphinee

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