Walker Here From Millinocket

I finished hiking the 100 Mile Wilderness and arrived at Katahdin Stream Campground at about 12:30 today after an eighteen mile hike. Hooray! I had a bittersweet final twenty-four hours on the trail. As I was setting up camp last night it occurred to me that I was spending my final night in my tent on the trail. I had a great campsite on a hill above Little Beaver Pond and it was a fine night with loons and coyotes providing the soundtrack. Life is about to change!

The Princess arrived at the campground at 3:00 and we had a great reunion then drove to Millinocket which is the closest town to Mount Katahdin where we will stay in a hotel. I had planned to summit Katahdin tomorrow (Friday) but the weather forecast is for a 100% chance of rain with thunderstorms. So I’m going to hold off on climbing Katahdin until the weather gets better. It’s only a 5.3 mile hike to the summit but it’s very challenging with 4000 feet of serious climbing up boulders and rock outcroppings. It takes most people six to eight hours to reach the summit and climb back down. Climbing Katahdin in bad weather is dangerous and certainly not as much fun as going up on a nice day, so I’m going to be patient and wait for good weather.

Since Princess and I had planned to do some touring in Maine, we’ve decided to drive to Acadia National Park tomorrow which is just over two hours away. We’ll visit there, probably spend one or two nights, then come back to Millinocket on Saturday or Sunday so that I can finish my hike. The weather forecast gets better for Sunday and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather updates.

I feel elated about making it this far – to the final climb – and am eager to finish the hike but Inchworm’s disappearance has been hard for me and has put a damper on this last part of the hike. I am just baffled about what happened to her and why the searchers cannot find her. A local man told me today that there are now over 200 people involved in the search. They are using tracking dogs too, so I can’t figure out why they haven’t found her. I am hoping for a miracle and that she is found alive but I know that realistically after she has been missing for so long her chance of survival is slim.

I’ll be sure to keep you informed of what we’re doing up here in Maine, my final climb up Katahdin and any news I get about Inchworm.


About The Man in My Shoes

Since retiring in 2012 I am enjoying the freedom of being able to make my own decisions about how I spend my time and am taking advantage of the opportunities that I have to spend more time with my family, explore, learn, and pursue my dreams and goals. I look forward to writing about these pursuits and hope you enjoy reading about them.
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24 Responses to Walker Here From Millinocket

  1. Tom-O says:

    awesome! Just plain awesome!

  2. Drusie Milford says:

    Enjoy Katahdin. Wise move to wait until better weather. It is a great climb!!!!

    Have fun in Maine. Acadia is beautiful. We escaped there at least once a week. The water is cold. By July I would be able to get in past my ankles. It never phased the boys!

    If you go to Orono, you must go to “The Store” and get one of their cookies. Princess would have fun in their shops both upstairs and downstairs. And of course, the original Pat’s Pizza is also located in Orono. Will was happily there today.

    • Hi Drusie. We’ll check out Orono. The weather is pretty bad here so we’ll probably look for inside things to do.

      • Drusie Milford says:

        Oops looks like comment was too long. Great store called “The Store”. Def need to have one of their homemade cookies. Cathy will like the shop ~ make sure to go downstairs. Also the original Pat’s Pizza is in Orono.

  3. Good for you, Tim!! Just an amazing accomplishment. Y’all enjoy your time and we’ll hope for clear skies for your summit hike.

  4. glenn gordon says:

    Congratulations Walker! Smart move not trying Katahdin today, 6-8 hour climb is fast on a good day. Enjoy your 0 days here. Enjoyed your blog

  5. Drew / Postman says:

    Walker – Buff and I went up K yesterday morning, luckily in great weather. I know I have your phone number but I still think you only have that track phone. Just wanted to leave my email address hoping you or Princess would write me back so I can get your contact info! It has been a pleasure hiking with you throughout the trip. Thanks for everything.


    • Congratulations Postman! I hung out with Johnny Blaze at the campground for a while yesterday and he told me that you and Buffalo had summited early and had already left. I’m sorry I missed seeing you guys but glad that you got up there in such good weather. It was great hiking with you and getting to know you on the trail. I’ll never forget that night at Aquone when you and I popped out of our beds at the same time when Captain Dan started that horrendous snoring – funny, funny!
      Here’s my contact info: tim.mcelhannon@gmail.com
      Let me know if you ever come down to southwest Virginia. Although I can’t keep up with you, I’d be happy to do some hiking and other fun stuff.

  6. Jennifer Narron says:

    You’re so close!!! Have fun in town, etc. while you wait on the weather. Get good pics when you reach the top. Let us know when you start up again.

  7. Ann says:

    congratulations. see you in rva in richmond and will look forward to a full account of your trip!

  8. Isaac Pressnell says:

    Congrats on the near finish. I did end up summiting yesterday. It was so incredible. Good call on waiting.

    It was a pleasure hanging the past week.


    • Hi Isaac, Congratulations on making the summit! I’m so happy you made it in the good weather. As you know it’s raining steady today with a low cloud ceiling. It would be miserable up there today. I wanted to summit so badly yesterday, especially after I saw Friday’s weather forecast at the ranger station, but it would have been too much after the 18-mile hike to get to the campground. Cathy and I will do some sightseeing for a day or so and I’ll go up Sunday or Monday. Have a safe trip home and stay in touch. If you ever come to my part of Virginia, let me know.

  9. David Hansen says:

    Congrats Tim. Have a safe last day up to the top and back.



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    Portfolio Manager

    Davidson & Garrard

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    Email: dhansen@dg-g.com

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    This message and any attached documents contain information which may be confidential. These materials are solely for the use of the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient of this transmission, you are hereby notified that any distribution, disclosure, printing, copying, storage, modification or the taking of any action in reliance upon this transmission is strictly prohibited. Delivery of this message to any person other than the intended recipient shall not compromise or waive such confidentiality. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message from your system.

  10. Doug Dowdy says:

    Walker, Congratulations!! I wonder how close you passed to where Frances and I camped in Baxter Park. From Millinocket we had to drive in about two hours to get to something called upper south pond and then take a canoe and paddle across lower south pond. Then we had the only campsite on that pond which to me was really a lake.

    Isle le au haut, is where we went last on our way out of Maine. it’s part of Acadia and a beautiful place.

    Once again Congratulations and look forward to seeing you both soon!!!!

    Really sorry that Inchworm is still missing. That’s just one of several instances I have heard this year that reminds us that walking the trail is not without risks.

    Doug aka Pooka

  11. Annette says:

    You must be over-the-moon happy to have accomplished this hike with one more summit to top. It is awesome, and I am looking forward to celebrating with you and Princess and Susan and Little Bro in October. Enjoy Arcadia….it is beautiful! I agreed with my friend, Jan, who said several weeks ago, “I’ll be glad when he’s home.” I am happy that you are fulfilling your life long dream and thankful that Princess and all your followers supported you every step of the way! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Steve McElhannon says:

    Congrats big brother. Great accomplishment. Hope you’re rewarding yourself with some lobster rolls and cold ones. Have a safe drive back to Va.

  13. Jim Karis says:

    Congratulations Tim. Finishing the Appalachian Trail is a very proud accomplishment. Glad you held off climbing Katahdin until the weather improved. Have to admit I will miss your blog. Jim

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