Sad News from Walker

Walker emailed me this morning writing in part: ” I’ve just been told that Inchworm, the woman named Gerry who is being supported by her husband George, has been missing since Tuesday and there is a search going on for her. It makes me feel sick. I spent a couple of days around them in Andover and Rangeley where we had dinner together and talked about them staying at our house when she hikes Virginia. She’s doing a flip flop hike and would have been in Virginia in October. Tuesday was a really rainy day and I think she would have been going over Saddleback Mountain which is just north of Rangeley.”

I can’t remember if Walker has posted about Inchworm and George before, and I can’t find any mention of her in previous posts at the moment, but he had talked to me about them and I know he really likes both of them. He said he considered going back to join the search, but after talking to several people he decided that since there are so many trained people looking for her that he would continue on. I know his heart and footsteps are heavy today.


There are several articles about the search you can find online, but here is a link to the most current I found. If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for Inchworm’s safe return and strength for her husband George.



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6 Responses to Sad News from Walker

  1. Lisa Connors says:

    Such awful news; I hope there is a good outcome.

  2. Jim Karis says:

    The news about Inchworm is terribly sad. The “Herald” newspaper points out the investigation is very extensive, helicopters etc., so I too hope there is a good outcome. Jim

  3. Steve Grist says:

    So very sad, Walker. My prayers for Inchworm, George and all their AT companions.

  4. Beth says:

    I just saw this on the local news. So very sad. Walker did mention he passed her and George on the trail on July 22. My prayers are with Inchworm, George, the searchers and with Walker.

  5. Annette says:

    Walker, you have mentioned Inchworm a couple of times and most recently you said that you wanted her and her husband to visit when you returned home. My prayers are with her and the search and rescue teams looking for her.

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