Eliza Brook to Franconia Notch

It started raining sometime during the night and I was really bummed knowing that I would have to pack up in the rain and hike eight tough miles to Franconia Notch. Fortunately the rain paused long enough for me to pack up without getting everything too wet but the tent was soaked so it weighed more than usual.

I started hiking a few minutes after 6:00 and managed to keep my feet dry for about twenty minutes. After that it was hopeless so I quit worrying about it and just hiked as best I could. The trail was pretty moderate for a while but quickly became very steep and rocky and at times it was very slow going – using my hands to pull myself up big boulders. That is tiring!

Eventually I made it to the peak of South Kinsman Mountain and had some good views above treeline. I didn’t want to get my phone wet so I did not take any photographs. I had hiked up South Kinsman without wearing my rain jacket because I knew it would make me sweat a lot but at the summit I put my jacket on to avoid getting chilled. I was wet but comfortable – not too warm and not too cool. From the South Kinsman summit I hiked back down into the trees and stayed below treeline for the rest of the day.

Overall it was a short but demanding hike. Climbing boulders both on the ascent and the descent really slows me down, especially when it’s wet. Now I can understand why experienced thru-hikers told me not to expect to hike lots of miles in the White Mountains. No matter how fit you are the trail is just not made for a ‘walk in the woods’.

I caught a shuttle from Franconia Notch to the town of Lincoln, New Hampshire. It’s a cute little tourist town with lots of interesting attractions. I saw a zipline park down the street but decided not to try it out based on my previous zipline experience. I also passed on the sunset bus ride to look for moose in the mountains.

I’m staying at the Comfort Inn and have been able to get all my gear cleaned up, hand washed clothes and picked up a few items at the outfitter and the grocery store. I’ve also eaten two big meals – a late lunch and supper – and feel like I’m about to explode. I will eat a good breakfast in the morning before the shuttle picks me up to take me back to the trailhead.

Tomorrow I have another tough hike up Franconia Ridge to Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette then I will climb up and over Mount Garfield before stopping at the Garfield Ridge Shelter. It’s only twelve miles but it will be challenging. I’ve stocked up on Rice Krispies Treats!

Sorry about not having any photos today. I’ll try to do better tomorrow if there’s a break in the rain. Also, please note that cell coverage in the Whites is spotty so I may be late in getting my daily updates posted.



About The Man in My Shoes

Since retiring in 2012 I am enjoying the freedom of being able to make my own decisions about how I spend my time and am taking advantage of the opportunities that I have to spend more time with my family, explore, learn, and pursue my dreams and goals. I look forward to writing about these pursuits and hope you enjoy reading about them.
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11 Responses to Eliza Brook to Franconia Notch

  1. Deb and Rob says:

    Happy Birthday! Tim stay safe and keep up the good hiking.

  2. Gigi Jordan says:

    Happy Birthday ! All of us (the Jordan’s) love your post late or on time.
    We are amazed how great of a story teller you are with sharing your
    experience of the trail. My Mom just loves you and when I take her to breakfast in the morning for her
    Birthday she will be beside herself to know today is your birthday. Thank you for caring my dad and my mom’s heart on your journey on the trail. Gigi Jordan

  3. MarySue Curran says:

    You never have to apologize to us. What you are doing, accomplishing and communicating when you can, to us is truly appreciated, Thank you. Just take care of yourself.

  4. MarySue Curran says:

    You never have to apologize to us. What you are doing, accomplishing and communicating when you can, is truly appreciated, Thank you. Just take care of yourself.

  5. Annette says:

    I am glad to know that you will take your time over the challenging mountains of the AT. As a former president so eloguently said, “I feel your pain” climbing rocky mountains in the rain. You make me chuckle over your “I feel like I’m about to explode.” But, you have to really chow down for the next day! Thinking of you and wishing you a great hike today!

  6. Annette says:

    Just realized I misspelled “eloquently”…..oops. Can’t tell a “g” from a “q” 🙂

  7. Tom Anderson says:

    Your son Jeff works on my team, and today I learned that you’re hiking The Trail. I have been section hiking for years, with a goal of completing just Virginia for now. I wanted to wish you luck and health on your journey, and I look forward to seeing your pix from Katahdin (my favorite mountain)!

  8. Steve McElhannon says:

    Happy Birthday Tim! Not too many fifty-somethings out there that could do what you’re doing. Probably not too many people at any age could do it. Congrats on your progress so far, and
    I hope you have a great day and hike on your 56th b’day.

  9. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday Tim! We love you and are so proud of you. Best wishes today and always!!

  10. Steve Grist says:

    Happy Birthday, Walker! I’ll miss celebrating with you today, but we’ll get together for a big celebration in August! I hope you had a great day, rain (and pain)-free!

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