Beautiful New Jersey!

That’s right…this part of New Jersey really is beautiful. If all you’ve ever seen of the state is interstates and toll roads (like me before today), you’re really missing something.
Today we hiked from Delaware Water Gap twenty-four miles to the Brinks Road Shelter. We saw beautiful streams and ponds that were overflowing from yesterday’s heavy rain, rhododendron in full bloom, and beautiful countryside for as far as the eye can see.
The only downside to the day was that we got a lot if ticks on us. We stopped frequently to pull them off of course.
There’s a pretty good crowd at the shelter tonight. In addition to Whiskers, Rocket and me there is Beacon from Austin, Texas and Surefoot from Plymouth, Massachusetts, plus a few others who came in after I got in my tent.
Tomorrow we’ll hike about twenty miles and we have a couple of planned stops along the way. In the morning we’ll stop at diner called ‘Joe to Go’ where we’ve heard the owner is pretty grumpy to hikers and then in the afternoon we’ll stop by Highpoint State Park where Whiskers will pick up a mail drop.
Here are a couple of photos from today – Whiskers and Rocket at Sunfish Pond and me on the summit of Kittatinny Mountain.




About The Man in My Shoes

Since retiring in 2012 I am enjoying the freedom of being able to make my own decisions about how I spend my time and am taking advantage of the opportunities that I have to spend more time with my family, explore, learn, and pursue my dreams and goals. I look forward to writing about these pursuits and hope you enjoy reading about them.
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5 Responses to Beautiful New Jersey!

  1. John in Milwaukee says:

    enjoyed the post about your gear. just wondering what do you estimate the cost to a person doing a walk thru. maybe you could post that at some point.

    • John, I will try to do that at some point. I can tell you right now it has cost more than I expected. Between the gear, staying in hostels and hiker inns, and eating in restaurants, it really adds up.

  2. george jordan (Jay) says:

    Just curious you say you are going to stop at diner called ‘Joe to Go’ and the owner is grumpy to hikers. Why are you stopping at this place then? (Is it that good? and if so do you know if it is near a road?)

    Congrats again on the great process. You have given me the impedance to get out and hike more this summer (maybe even take the hike in Spain in a few years).

    • Hi Jay! We’re mainly stopping just to get a good meal. The diner is practically right on the trail where it crosses a road. I’m also curious to see if he’s really that grumpy. Glad to hear you’re hiking more. You’ve got so many great trails in your area. You’d love the hike in Spain.

  3. Loneoak says:

    I hate ticks. Mite want to try and find you some permitherin if possible. Can’t use it on your skin but it is great for clothing.

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