Glutton for a Day

Today was an unusual day – in a good way. I felt really strong as I left the shelter at 7:15. Phys Ed left early and Foxtrot started with me. Pumpkin Head started a little later. We all ended up together at about 10;00 for breakfast at Bear Meadow Wayside. The food at the wayside was great – a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, cinnamon roll, Gatorade, and Chips Ahoy cookies to top it off.
After breakfast Phys Ed and I walked together and talked a lot. He retired recently as a middle school PE teacher in Gettysburg, PA. His wife is the President of Gettysburg College and she’s meeting him Friday in Front Royal, VA where they will spend Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately I probably won’t see him after Friday since I’ll continue hiking while he takes three zeros.
At about 2:30 we reached Skyland, a sort of resort on Skyline Drive, and had a nice meal in the bar area. I left at 3:30 and Phys Ed stayed a little longer to call his wife and firm up arrangements for their meeting on Friday.
I arrived at the Byrd’s Nest #3 Hut at 5:45 and started to set up my tent. I quickly realized that there were a lot of ticks in the grass so I decided to stay in the Hut. That was fortunate because a big storm rolled through about 7:00 with lots of lightning and thunder. The huts and shelters all have lightning rods so they are the safest place to be in a storm. We have eleven people jammed into a shelter designed for eight, so it’s cosy.
That’s all for tonight I’m going to fall asleep listening to the wind blow outside.
Here’s a photo taken today if the Shenandoah Valley doth if Luray.



About The Man in My Shoes

Since retiring in 2012 I am enjoying the freedom of being able to make my own decisions about how I spend my time and am taking advantage of the opportunities that I have to spend more time with my family, explore, learn, and pursue my dreams and goals. I look forward to writing about these pursuits and hope you enjoy reading about them.
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One Response to Glutton for a Day

  1. Annette says:

    So glad you had some nourishing food and no ticks! Pumpkin Head ….. I have heard that name before a few years back. What a beautiful photo of a gorgeous view. I’m glad you had such a great day, a dry night in Bird’s Nest, and interesting companions.

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